Episode 112 - Kevin Sullivan: Part 5


The final part of Kevin Sullivan's conversation with This Writing Life podcast arrives after a slight delay for a summer holiday. We begin by asking whether Kevin has a typical writing day - a pressing matter given his long career as a foreign correspondent. From here we move through his creative process as a novelist (editing and re-writing) to the challenges of writing from the middle of a war zone. We also discuss his human rights work with the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), above all in identifying those murdered at Srebrenica.

The remainder of our chat includes:

  • did Kevin hesitate to return to Sarajevo after being blown-up by a landmine?
  • Kevin discusses his work with ICMP, and the challenge of identifying the victims of the Srebrenica genocide
  • what is the situation in Bosnia right now?
  • where does Sullivan call home?

Visit the ICMP here.

Read more about Kevin's novel, The Longest Winter here.