Episode 114 - Gary Younge: Part 2


In part two of This Writing Life's conversation with Gary Younge about his powerful book Another Day in the Death of America, we begin by discussing the place of guns in the stories he tells: the deaths by gun-shots on one random day of teenagers across the United States. What makes America different with regards gun-crime? Do guns kill people, or is it the people themselves? Having addressed this, we moved onto:

  • Younge's own encounters with guns living in Chicago
  • 'Why would I want a gun?': what Younge learned when covering NRA conventions
  • why your wife is more likely to shoot you than anyone else?
  • did Younge understand the attraction of guns for teenagers
  • killers and victims: how guns change lives in an instant
  • the path towards violence: culture and personal responsibility
  • Younge's childhood and future opportunities
  • death or jail: teenagers, risks and the margins for error

Part 3 of 4 to follow.

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