Episode 116 - Gary Younge: Part 4


'I quite liked it.' So says Gary Younge about America in the final part of This Writing Life podcast's conversation about his  wonderful new book, Another Day in the Death of America. We began by asking asking Younge about his decision to leave the country and return to his home in Hackney, east London. A description of his feelings on departing the United States leads into a meditation on his Barbadian family background, and what it means to grow up black in Britain. 'There is an element of outsiderness here that I carry with me.'

From here, he talked about

  • what politicians in America (this was pre-Trump, mind you) are doing to confront the problems Younge's book raises: gun control, racism, the gap between rich and poor, healthcare
  • are there causes for hope
  • Younge on Trump and Clinton
  • on returning to London - and how his family are adapting
  • what toll did researching and writing the book take on Younge?

Our next guest on This Writing Life is the American novelist, short story writer and activist, Rick Bass.


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