Episode 20 - Tom Drury Part 3


In the third part of my conversation with Tom Drury, we rewind to his days studying creative writing with Robert Coover, 'a great teacher'.
 After a discussion about realism and seriousness, Drury moves on to: 

  • his early short stories
  • his attempt to write different novels
  • 'The kind of sentences you want to make, it is not a static thing'
  • David Hockney and Drury's interest in art 
  • the visual nature of Drury's prose
  • time and breaking the fourth wall
  • why Drury continues to write about Grouse County
  • 'They are my repertory company'
  • why he chooses not to write about Grouse County
  • Drury's work in progress
  • inspiration from folk tales, magic and Faust
  • 'I have never written about Mephistopholes'
  • the role of religion in Drury's life and work
  • on death, 'the unknowable thing'
  • Drury's 'mid-western paranormal noir'
  • his own return to Iowa and the possible affect on his work
  • on interviews and readings

For my interview with Tom in the Sunday Independent, click: here.

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