Episode 32 - Sloane Crosley: Part 2


The second part of my conversation with Sloane Crosley about her debut novel The Clasp began with us discussing how books give bookish young people a map for their lives. Crosley read a passage from the novel - in which poor Victor prepares for being beaten up by meditating on just this sort of idea. We then moved onto:

  • age, maturity and Don DeLillo's White Noise
  • Crosley's love of The Dubliners and the story, 'Araby'
  • how a desire to be funny and, separately, The Secret Garden inspired Crosley to write
  • comedy: light and dark, joyful and sad
  • 'I want to write something that's fun. I want to entertain'
  • fiction, money, expanding horizons
  • what next - essays or that album of ukulele music
  • why Crosley is not a crime novelist

Read my review of The Clasp in The Independent: here.

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