Episode 36 - Kate Hamer: Part 2


Part two of our interview with Kate Hamer begins with a discussion of Carmel, the 'Girl' in The Girl in the Red Coat. Having avoided the subject of her special power - spoilers alert etc - we move onto:

  • love and its distortions
  • 'I am not really interested in monsters': Hamer on her villains
  • religion in the novel
  • Hamer and the Gothic
  • Beth, Carmel and the use of tenses
  • parents making maps of their children's lives
  • time in the novel
  • stasis and waiting: the challenge of writing Beth's narrativeĀ 
  • 'For both of them it was like a journal of survival'
  • how parenthood changes you
  • parents and their parents
  • is it an optimistic novel?
  • how to end the novel
  • Hamer's own childhood in Wales
  • religion, mysticism and storytelling
  • formative reading: 'Anything deeply, deeply tragic'
  • influences and Hamer's current literary crush: Nicole Krauss
  • why Hamer took so long to write her debut!
  • life as a novelist and future plans
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