Episode 44 - David Mitchell and Michel Faber in conversation: Part 4


In the fourth and final episode of our conversation with David Mitchell and Michel Faber, we kick off by talking author events and public readings with reference to The Bone Clocks and Mitchell's performative self. From there we move to bad readers: 

  • 'I have been to see very eminent, Booker Prize winning people at the Edinburgh Festival who are just ticking off another engagement in their tour, and you could tell they would rather be anywhere but there. I vowed I would never allow myself to get into that state of jadedness and alienation from the people who are actually buying my books' Faber
  • Paul McCartney, Yesterday and intimacy 
  • 'I hate hotels' Faber 
  • 'We did stay in a brothel in Greece...' Faber 
  • what do Faber and Mitchell have in common...
  • cities v countryside 
  • 'seem' and 'tranquil': words novelists should never use
  • Ezra Pound's marginalia in The Waste Land
  • 'If you are in a bad mood, it is difficult to read DH Lawrence' Faber

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