Episode 48 - Harry Parker: Part 3


Harry Parker begins the third and final part of his conversation with This Writing Life by considering the emotional effects of his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  From there we moved onto: 

  • writing about the war from the perspective of the occupied and the insurgency

  • 'All I wanted to do was tell a good story'

  • 'There is this idea that laying mines is a really unfair way to fight wars. I always thought dropping a hellfire missile from a drone was also unfair.' 

  • futility and waste: 'War is just shitty'

  • how much is a life worth: occupiers vs occupied?

  • 'You can't just do these things with military force...'

  • ISIS, Assad, Iraq: the future of the world

  • 'If there are any themes they are compassion, recovery, but also trying to reframe how we view conflicts'

  • what next for Harry Parker?

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