Episode 51 - David Gates: Part 2


In the (summer delayed) second part of our chat with David Gates, we go on (we can't go) with the influence of Samuel Beckett and Jane Austen.

  • 'What I learned from Austen is that every character in a work thinks he or she is the protagonist'
  • fiction and the drama of conflicting visions
  • Gates, comedy and social combat in Emma
  • closed circuit minds and Gates' characters
  • 'I'm 69. I have calmed down, somewhat. It is not the buzzing anxiety of being in my 20s'
  • 'There is a way in which you always write like yourself'
  • 'There is a lot of sameness there' - Gates' literary riffs
  • Hitchcock, Rebecca, Psycho and Gates' obsession movie trivia
  • literary progression or repetition - Gates v Joyce and the Beatles
  • Back to Beckett - from prose to plays
  • 'I don't know how to say it without sounding pretentious'
  • Target or Tar-jay - jokes and time

Part three will be up in less than three months.

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