Episode 70 - Bill Clegg: Part 2


In part two of Bill Clegg's chat with This Writing Life's podcast, we begin with the trauma (a house fire on the night before a wedding) that propels his debut novel, Did You Ever Have a Family? From there (soundtracked by some funky flutes) we move to:

  • how the novel began and progressed for Clegg
  • first vs third person narration
  • Wilkie Collins, collective truths and the range of voices
  • what we think about each other, for right and mainly wrong
  • empathy, judgement and global problems
  • why small-towns are a metaphor for the entire world
  • town vs wealthy, weekending outsiders
  • small-town life and small-town thinking?
  • how do you break family destiny and leave small-towns?

Part 3, with more funky background music and cell phone buzzes, to come.

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