Episode 72 - Bill Clegg: Part 4


Part four of Bill Clegg's This Writing Life podcast, begins with a discussion about paying attention to the workings of our own consciousness. After a critique of Alan Ball's Six Feet Under (Clegg's working out box set of choice) we moved to:

  • death as existential wake-up call
  • family, blame and redemption: Clegg's relationship with his father
  • suffering, realism and writing: Clegg on Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life
  • addiction, control and trauma (and writing)
  • does telling it slant help Clegg resolve his own problems?
  • Clegg on Thomas Hardy
  • regret in Did You Ever Have a Family?
  • a tragedy told through its aftermath?
  • the persistence of childhood embarrassment

The final part to follow.