Episode 81 - DBC Pierre: Part 2


In his second This Writing Life podcast, DBC Pierre talks learning to write by remembering what he has read. For dialogue, he looked to Len Deighton.

After a discussion of how written speech differs from spoken speech, he moved towards:

  • tell vs show: writing dialogue in Vernon God Little
  • is Pierre an instinctive writer?
  • 'I am going to speak differently to you than I will to the Queen or a child or an enemy'
  • how flamenco on late night Spanish television helped Pierre find his voice in Release the Bats
  • 'rocket fuel': Pierre's enthusiasm for writing and writers
  • what stops Pierre writing?
  • dog racing, writers and nature
  • 'I am the black sheep in the family. It is my job to have lots of promise and not to fulfil it.'
  • Pierre's father and family hierarchy
  • did Pierre worry that analysing the creative process might wreck the creative process?
  • Pierre on 'the century of neuropsychology'
  • 'Nothing has changed in human nature in two and half million years'
  • 'Our anger and conflict...drive us to write'
  • does writing help?

Part three to follow. 

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