Episode 03 - Karen Joy Fowler: Part Two


In the second half of my conversation with Karen Joy Fowler, we shift seamlessly (sort of) from Star Wars to ponder: 

  • self, other, difference and childhood,
  • whether an interesting childhood a good thing,
  • parentting as experiment,
  • bad dads,
  • responses to the novel, including a letter from a woman whose family participated in the actual experiments,
  • communication in the animal world,
  • vivisection,
  • the Brown Dog Riots in Battersea,
  • non-violence and American activism,
  • Fowler's ideas about writing,
  • inspiration and uncontrollable characters,
  • reviews, bleakness and comedy,
  • literature empathy and September 11th, 
  • risk, happiness, success and how to be a hit novelist (not),
  • the challenge of following We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves,
  • and, how Obamacare can help American novelists.
We are All Completely Beside Ourselves was my novel of 2014, and was also nominated by Katy Guest, literary editor at the Sunday Independent

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