Episode 12 - Brian Turner Part 4


In the final part of my epic conversation with the American soldier-poet Brian Turner, our attention turned to the question: does writing help confront trauma and the violence he has witnessed and indeed participated in. 
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Episode 11 - Brian Turner reads Ferris Wheel


Brian Turner reads his poem Ferris Wheel, from the collection Here, Bullet. 

Episode 10 - Brian Turner Part 3


In part three of my epic conversation with Brian Turner, we begin by discussing how the Soldier Poet bears witness, 
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Episode 09 - Brian Turner reads from My Life as a Foreign Country


Brian Turner reads and discusses a passage from his memoir, My Life as a Foreign Country. 

Tim Adams' review in the Observer is: here.

Brian Turner's website is: here

Episode 08 - Brian Turner Part 2


In the second part of my lengthy conversation with the poet Brian Turner we begin by discussing language - in particular pejorative terms like 'Haji'. Turner moves from this, through coining 'otherise', to recall his own experiences in Iraq. 
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Episode 07 - Brian Turner Part 1


Brian Turner has become world famous for his war poetry, which was largely inspired by a year-long tour of Iraq with the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry DivisionThe ostensible reason for our meeting, however, was first sustained work of prose, a memoir entitled My Life as a Foreign Country, which  Keep reading →

Episode 06 - Brian Turner reads Here, Bullet


Brian Turner, the next guest on This Writing Life, reads the title poem from his first collection, Here Bullet. As a soldier in the US army, Turner served in Bosnia and Iraq, before turning to writing. He is the author of three books: in addition to Here, Bullet, he has published one other volume of verse, Phantom Noise, and the memoir My Life as a Foreign Country.


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