Episode 54 - David Gates: Part 5


In the final part of David Gates' episode of Writing Life, we begin by exploring the question of religion that we failed to address in Part 4. 'I am not a religious person. I am to some degreee obsessed with it.'
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Episode 53 - David Gates: Part 4


In the fourth and penultimate part of our podcast with David Gates, we set out by talking about money - how to earn it, keep writing, earn money from writing.
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Episode 52 - David Gates: Part 3


Part 3 of David Gates' conversation with This Writing Life starts with a discussion of 'story' - how Gates writes them and how people tell them (and how Gates writes about people telling them). Keep reading →

Episode 51 - David Gates: Part 2


In the (summer delayed) second part of our chat with David Gates, we go on (we can't go) with the influence of Samuel Beckett and Jane Austen. Keep reading →

Episode 50 - David Gates: Part 1


David Gates is a novelist, musician, journalist and teacher. His debut, Jernigan (1991), was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and was shortlisted for the National Book Award. Keep reading →

Episode 49 - Writing Life Trailer: David Gates on Donald Trump


As a taster for our next guest, the fine American novelist David Gates, who talks about his classic debut, Jernigan, his new story collection, A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me, and throws in a little analysis of the architectural politics of Donald Trump for free.
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