Episode 67 - Laura Lippman: Part 3


In the final part of Laura Lippman's This Writing Life podcast, we begin by discussing trigger warnings: the fine line between offensiveness and individual sensitivities. Keep reading →

Episode 66 - Laura Lippman: Part 2


Part two of Laura Lippman's chat with Writing Life Podcast about her new novel Wilde Lake begins with the real-life district of Columbia, where Lippman grew up. Keep reading →

Episode 65 - Laura Lippman: Part 1


Laura Lippman is the author of 22 crime novels. In addition to her series featuring private investigator Tess Monaghan, she has written nine standalones. Lippman's new book Wilde Lake falls into the latter category. As often is the case with her one-offs, the context is deeply personal. Lippman herself grew up near the actual Wilde Lake in the Maryland district of Columbia. Keep reading →

Episode 64 - Laura Lippman reads from Wilde Lake


As a trailer for the next guest on This Writing Life Podcast, the wonderful American crime writer Laura Lippman reads from her new novel, Wilde Lake.

Parental advisory notice: there is a gratuitous mention of a de-trousered Bill Clinton.

Part one of three to follow.