Episode 78 - Rosa Rankin-Gee: Part 4


Part four of Rosa Rankin-Gee's This Writing Life podcast interview opens with some bad pronunciation, some Borges, a little light reading and some Vocalzone throat lozenge chatter. Rosa really begins by examining the idea of imagining the worst things possible as a way of forestalling the worst reality possible. Keep reading →

Episode 77 - Rosa Rankin-Gee: Part 3


Part three of Rosa Rankin-Gee's conversation with This Writing Life podcast about her debut The Last Kings of Sark begins with love triangles, friendship triangles, family triangles, third wheels and intense feelings. Keep reading →

Episode 76 - Rosa Rankin-Gee: Part 2


Part two of Rosa Rankin-Gee's chat with This Writing Life begins with a discussion of the coming-of-age-story (in her case, debut novel The Last Kings of Sark). Keep reading →

Episode 75 - Rosa Rankin-Gee: Part 1


Rosa Rankin-Gee was one of the first guests on This Writing Life when the podcast was still a glint in its host's eye. We spoke ostensibly about her excellent debut novel The Last Kings of Sark but quickly widened the focus to the challenges of being a first-time and very young novelist, to sitting in large publishing boardrooms and sucking strange sweets. Keep reading →

Episode 74 - Rosa Rankin-Gee reads from The Last Kings of Sark


As a trailer for the next writer to face the onslaught that is This Writing Life podcast, Rosa Rankin-Gee reads from her debut novel, The Last Kings of Sark (Virago).

This was one of the first This Writing Life podcasts recorded, and remains a favourite of your host.

Part one to follow. You can learn more about Rosa at her website: here.