Episode 39 - Tom Drury Live at Bookseller Crow: Part 3


The final part of my conversation with Tom Drury at one of London's finest independent bookstores, Bookseller Crow. We start with the Q&A is included, alongside many and erroneous references to Tolstoy. 

Bookseller Crow's website is: here

Episode 38 - Tom Drury Live at Bookseller Crow: Part 2


Part two of my live conversation with Tom Drury at Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace. 

Episode 37 - Tom Drury Live at Bookseller Crow: Part 1


A special episode in which I talk to Tom Drury, my favourite author of 2015, and possibly 2016 too, live in front of a lovely audience at the lovely Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace, one of the finest bookstores I know. Keep reading →

Episode 20 - Tom Drury Part 3


In the third part of my conversation with Tom Drury, we rewind to his days studying creative writing with Robert Coover, 'a great teacher'.
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Episode 19 - Tom Drury on the Internet


A small taster for part three of my chat with Tom Drury. 

We talk MP3s, social networking, email, and The New Luddites from the third Grouse County novel, Pacific. 

Episode 18 - Tom Drury Part 2


In the second part of my interview with Tom Drury, one of America's finest living novelists, we begin by discussing the railroad and its part in linking places like Grouse County to the outside world. 
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Episode 17 - Tom Drury on Light


In this stopgap between podcasts, Tom Drury discusses the use of light in his debut novel, The End of Vandalism

'I love that there would be some incidental lighting in the dark, like the dryer, you know?' 

Hear Antonya Nelson read Tom Drury's 'Accident at the Sugar Beet', which became an episode in The End of Vandalism, for the New Yorker here.

Episode 16 - Tom Drury Part 1


Tom Drury is the author of six astounding novels. Three - his masterpiece The End of VandalismHunts in Dreams and Pacific - are set in the same fictional Grouse County area of Iowa - Drury's home-state.  Keep reading →

Episode 15 - Tom Drury on Music and Memory


In the next episode of This Writing Life, James Kidd talks to the extraordinary American novelist Tom Drury, author of The End of Vandalism, Hunts in Dreams, Pacific and The Driftless Area, among others. 
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