Episode 08 - Brian Turner Part 2


In the second part of my lengthy conversation with the poet Brian Turner we begin by discussing language - in particular pejorative terms like 'Haji'. Turner moves from this, through coining 'otherise', to recall his own experiences in Iraq. 

Our major themes include: 
  • what it was like to follow the 'Invasion Troops'
  • the effect of Abu Ghraib on the Iraqi people
  • Turner's own relationship with the Iraqi people
  • life under the threat of roadside bombs
  • Donald Rumsfeld and the narrative of 'body counts'
  • raids and prisons
  • the guilt of putting innocent people in prison
  • hypermasculinity and writing about women 
  • the military and Turner's family history 
  • Turner's homemade war movies
  • the allure of warfare - adrenalin, meaning and moment 
  • war, beauty and destruction in Mosul
  • death and the end of the world
Runtime: 24.39. 
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