Episode 101 - Richard Russo: Part 1


Part 1 of This Writing Life's interview with the great American comic writer begins in media res. Russo is telling me about signing 9000 copies of his new novel, Everybody's Fool, in a warehouse in Maryland. Russo has recovered enough to discuss the idea of signed copies and what to do with his own personal archive. This idea of looking back leads us, neatly enough to, Everbody's Fool and the challenge of sequels: the book continues the story of Russo's masterpiece (to my mind) Nobody's Fool from 1993. From here we talked:

  • what had Russo forgotten about his charaters, and what he hadn't
  • what had changed since 1993?
  • timing, iPhones and when is Everybody's Fool set?
  • time and writing: what's the deal?

Part 2 of several to follow.

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