Episode 107 - LS Hilton: Part 2


There's only so much a nice podcast can take. In part two of This Writing Life's chat with LS Hilton, we dive into Maestra, the global blockbuster that made its author's name (albeit with initials replacing Lisa). We begin by asking how much of a departure its compostion was for LSH, as are calling her these days.

After some chatter about comparisons to 50 Sh&^des of Gr&y, we turn to:

  • the reaction (or not) of her agent
  • Maestra's pitch and publication
  • some more 50 Shades criticism
  • reading the naughty bits
  • LSH on Maestra: reviews, jokes, meritocracy & glamour
  • 'I wanted to write something that was sparkly'
  • 'Which one of you bitches is my influence?': Lace etc
  • Maestra's audience (take that Mark Lawson)
  • designer labels and American Psycho?
  • Maestra, Judith and the body (disgust thereof)
  • feminism, humiliation and revenge?
  • is anyone nice in Maestra?
  • LSH and publicity?
  • Domina and what's next?
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