Episode 109 - Kevin Sullivan: Part 2


In part two of This Writing Life's conversation with the journalist and novelist Kevin Sullivan, we begin by asking why he travelled from Tokyo to Sarajevo in 1991 on the brink of the Bosnian War.

Sullivan offers his first impressions and a brief comparison of the city before the siege began, 25 years ago. 'It was such a great place to live.'

From here, we moved to:

  • 'It is a little bit like a drug': the attraction and terror of war reporting
  • the landmine explosion that almost killed Sullivan
  • 'Whatever my experience, it really was nothing compared to someone who did not choose to go there.'
  • big picture vs up close and personal: the pros and cons of war reporting
  • was Sullivan frightened?
  • how does war reporting help?
  • the day-to-day practicalities (and challenges) of war reporting

For more on Kevin Sullivan, and his excellent novel about the siege of Sarajevo The Longest Winter, click this link: http://sullivan.ba/

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