Episode 118 - Rick Bass: Part 2 - For a Little While


Part two of This Writing Life's transatlantic conversation with Rick Bass, novelist, activist, award-winning short story writer, begins with a question referencing Philip Larkin, Romanticism and Transcendentalism and continues with an answer discussing fiction, geology, humans and time: 'We are new to this world. We don't know how to be in this old world.' From here we moved towards some if not all the following:

  • Bass, religion and nature
  • 'fostered alike by beauty and by fear': nature as teacher?
  • autobiography, family and discovering nature
  • nature as idea or reality?
  • Annie Gillard, Peter Matheson, Edward Abbey: Bass and nature writing
  • 'I like people. I just don't like being around them': Bass as misanthropist?
  • bookshops, Russians, Flannery O'Connor, Jim Harrison: how did Bass start writing?

Part 3 to follow.

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