Episode 30 - Hanya Yanagihara: A Little Life - Part 3


In the final part of my discussion with Hanya Yanagihara on her (now) Man Booker shortlisted novel A Little Life, we continue our discussion of male repression. From there we take in:

  • the 'wolflike' character of Caleb
  • money as salvation
  • why JB and Malcolm recede in the novel
  • friendship and imagination¬†
  • Yangihara's own childhood in Hawaii
  • 'My parents thought I might be a cartoonist'
  • rebellion, careers and lax parents
  • New York and restlessness
  • 'I want to live in Asia'
  • Yanagihara on Japan and her Japanese heritage
  • Yanagihara on writing A Little Life
  • readers' response to the novel
  • A Little Life on television?
  • the importance of work
  • Hanya and the future

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