Episode 59 - Vendela Vida: Part 3


In part three of This Writing Life's chat with American writer Vendela Vida about her latest novel The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty, we begin by asking: 'Why Casablanca?'
After some exploration of labyrinths (and stupid questions), we move onto:

  • art, stories and constant change
  • 'A story is something that happens, after which nothing is ever the same'
  • characters (and Vida) on the verge of...adulthood?
  • parenthood, acting, and playing at selfhood
  • Reeves, Aretha, Sabine: the various selves of Vida's heroine
  • 'I know what her name is...but I'm not going to tell you'
  • humour, trauma and The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty
  • 'Distract, distract, distract': that's entertainment?!
  • Vida on Amy Schumer, comedy and the internet
  • why Vida goes to the library to use the internet
  • 'If I want to read a book at night, if I had internet, it would not happen'
  • Vida's preparation for a cultural evening (and why she hates dinner parties)

Part 4 (of 4) to follow.

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