Episode 67 - Laura Lippman: Part 3


In the final part of Laura Lippman's This Writing Life podcast, we begin by discussing trigger warnings: the fine line between offensiveness and individual sensitivities. From there we move to:

  • how violence is portrayed on the news
  • secrets and Lippman's family
  • 'I was brought up by Southern parents. Don't ask anybody their age. Never talk about money. I think part of the reason I became a journalist it gave me license was to ask those questions...'
  • Lippman and her heroines: Tess Monaghan and Luisa Brant
  • Lippman and her father
  • history, taking down statues and the politics of women on $10
  • 'We are doing something right now, today, that is going to seem despicable in 50 years...'
  • posterity, Lippman and crime fiction
  • crime v literary fiction: Lippman and the never-ending genre-wars
  • 'There are so many books. You have to be arrogant to have anything to say...'
  • after some blatant references to The Wire, Richard Price and Dennis Lehane, we move to the social realist novel
  • a little afterword on James Crumley
  • 'Elmore Leonard is my role model'
  • George Pelecanos, Elmore Leonard and Lippman's cute nose...
  • what next?

Laura Lippman's website is: here.

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