Episode 71 - Bill Clegg: Part 3


Part 3 of Bill Clegg's chat with This Writing Life podcast about his debut novel, Did You Ever Have a Family?, begins with the personal: 'There are some people born restless. I certainly was.' From here we compare childhood ambitions with Clegg's actual route to becoming a successful literary agent in New York City. The conversation continues:

  • chocolate lab puppies, work and the strange, epic story of how he became an agent
  • what's the New Yorker? Clegg's introduction to New York City life
  • zombie vampires: do agents have to be cynical?
  • 'Don't overthink it': from agent to novelist
  • writing to carpentry: the evolution of Clegg's characters
  • did writing a novel help Clegg make sense of his upbringing and hometown?
  • reading as a form of sceptical engagement
  • fear and judgement vs curiosity: Clegg's childhood
  • the obligatory, short, mention of Donal Trump

Part 4 of 5 to follow.

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