Episode 88 - Neil Richards and Matt Costello: Part 2


Part two of This Writing Life's chat with ace writing team Neil Richards and Matt Costello opens with a discussion of their first novel, Dead in the Water. Set in their bucolic, fictional Cotswolds village of Cherringham, it stars Jack, a retired New York City cop, and Sarah, a single-mother of two. Having teamed up as crime fighters in previous episodes, the dynamic duo eventually reunites to solve the mysterious death of a local teacher. Matt explains how the story - involving drugs, the resurgence of raves and hot-dog vans - began. From here we moved to:

  • the joys and challenges of collaboration
  • how walks, museums and taking a break helps creativity
  • how do novels differ from shorter works
  • humour, seriousness and cosy mysteries
  • how do you keep a crime series fresh for readers new and old?
  • will Jack and Sarah ever fall in love?
  • motherhood and crime?
  • does writing help Matt and Neil?
  • how did Matt and Neil meet?
  • misery in company: the pros and cons of collaboration?

Part 3 of 3 to follow.

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