Episode 92 - Rebecca Thornton: Part 2


Part two of This Writing Life's conversation with Rebecca Thornton, about her debut novel The Exclusives, begins with a discussion of what perfection means to her characters. This is not something we know much about at This Writing Life. But anyway. Rebecca compares her feelings as a teenager to what perfection means to her today as a writer and mother. From here we reverse towards the evolution of The Exclusives itself, from romantic comedy to dark-hearted thriller. We plunge on to:

  • writing as a form of therapy
  • withholding in narrative and content
  • fronts, repression and fear - at school and in fiction
  • judgment and teenage life
  • how has school changed over the past two decades?
  • the portrayal of mental illness in The Exclusives
  • is This Writing Life asking too many questions?
  • 'That's a bit terrifying': what Rebecca's husband thought of The Exclusives
  • 'My life is over': teenage angst and teenage pressure
  • #checkyourprivilege: is The Exclusives too exclusive?
  • Mallory Towers etc: fictional models?
  • Rebecca's early writing experiments (teen erotica)
  • how does it feel (to write)?
  • anxiety, paranoia, disaster, thrillers (and children)

Part 3 of 3 to follow.

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