Episode 93 - Rebecca Thornton: Part 3


Part 3 of Rebecca Thornton's interview with This Writing Life begins with a discussion of the Faber Academy writing course, which kickstarted the composition of her debut novel, The Exclusives. After some kind words about Esther Freud and Tim Lott (see part one for more about Tim), Rebecca talks about how the course works, including the terror of reading her romantic comedy in front of her class. From here we moved to:

  • what kept her writing when she was most discouraged?
  • hearing the 'voice' of the novel
  • was writing cathartic?
  • Rebecca's writing routine
  • curtains and night writing
  • what was it like to finish your first novel?
  • polishing and after-writing: getting the novel in shape
  • the return of the psychological thriller
  • that 'horrific' second novel...
  • babies and writing
  • journalism and Jordan
  • parenthood and writing
  • her Guardian article about marrying into a Jewish family

There is a short PS to come...

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