Episode 95 - Matt Haig: Part 1 - It’s a Wonderful Writing Life Christmas Special


Matt Haig has many and diverse talents. Children's author, Young Adult novelist, non-fiction bestseller, for his extraordinary book on depression, Reasons to Stay Alive. Over the past two years, he has added Christmas storyteller to his CV. First with A Boy Called Christmas (2015), and now a sequel: The Girl Who Saved Christmas

I talked to Matt about A Boy Called Christmas at the end of last year. In the first of three parts we discuss the origins of the novel, about optimistic fiction, recollections of Christmases past, what Santa Claus means to Matt, mid-life crises, superheroes, the dangers of literary typecasting, depression and writing, and magic. 

Most importantly Matt answers the BIG question: do you believe in Father Christmas?

Read more about A Boy Called Christmas: here.

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