These Our Monsters Folklore Podcasts: Fiona Mozley reads from ‘The Loathly Lady’


Last year I was asked to write an introduction for a collection of modern folktales to be published by English Heritage. 

The result was These Our Monsters, featuring work by Edward Carey, Graeme Mcrae Burnet, Fiona Mozley, Sarah Hall and many others. 

I talked to three of the authors for This Writing Life podcast. The second is Fiona Mozley, whose debut novel Elmet was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. 

Fiona's story in 'The Loathly Lady' was inspired by the Arthurian legend of Dame Ragnelle, supposedly the most hideous woman in the world who makes a trial of Sir Gawain's chivalry. The plot is a quest to find a different sort of holy grail: the answer to the question, 'What do women want?'

Fiona reads an early passage full of puns and plays on words that establish Arthur's legendary status. Our interview will follow, as will readings by and conversations with Graeme Macrae Burnet and Edward Carey. 

For more information on These Our Monsters, visit the English Heritage website, where you can also buy a copy.

The music on the podcast is Androids Always Escape by Chris Zabriskie

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