These Our Monsters Folklore Podcasts: Edward Carey reads from ‘These Our Monsters’


Last year I was asked to write an introduction for a collection of modern folktales, myths and legends to be published by English Heritage.  Keep reading →

Episode 126 - Meena Kandasamy reads from The Gipsy Goddess


In this new mini-podlet, Meena Kandasamy reads from chapter 4 of her first novel, The Gipsy Goddess. For those of a nervous disposition, the passage does contain a little strong language, and a reference to Nicki Minaj. But surely those are good things?

Episode 100 - Richard Russo reads from Everybody’s Fool


For the 100th episode of This Writing Life, we celebrate with a very special instalment. Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Richard Russo reads from his wonderful, warm, funny and mordant new book Everybody's Fool. A sequel to one of our favourite novels - 1993's Nobody's Fool - it returns the reader to the life, opinions and travails of Donald 'Sully' Sullivan in the small upstate New York town of North Bath.

In this scene from the distant past (the character Wirf Saks has died by Everybody's Fool), Sully and Wirf settle down in the local bar to discuss the sex addiction of the irrepressible Carl Roebuck.


Episode 74 - Rosa Rankin-Gee reads from The Last Kings of Sark


As a trailer for the next writer to face the onslaught that is This Writing Life podcast, Rosa Rankin-Gee reads from her debut novel, The Last Kings of Sark (Virago).

This was one of the first This Writing Life podcasts recorded, and remains a favourite of your host.

Part one to follow. You can learn more about Rosa at her website: here.

Episode 64 - Laura Lippman reads from Wilde Lake


As a trailer for the next guest on This Writing Life Podcast, the wonderful American crime writer Laura Lippman reads from her new novel, Wilde Lake.

Parental advisory notice: there is a gratuitous mention of a de-trousered Bill Clinton.

Part one of three to follow.

Episode 60 - Vendela Vida Readng from The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty: Part 2


Vendela Vida reads a second passage from her excellent new novel, The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty. It begins after a little banter and a glass of water.

Episode 55 - Vendela Vida: Reading from The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty


As a trailer for the next subject on This Writing Life, Vendela Vida reads from her latest novel, The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty - just released in paperback via Atlantic Books in the United Kingdom.

Episode 45 - Harry Parker: Reading from Anatomy of a Soldier


As a trailer for our next This Writing Life subject, soldier-novelist Harry Parker reads from his debut, Anatomy of a Soldier

For further information, visit Faber & Faber: here.

Episode 35 - Kate Hamer: Reading from The Girl in the Red Coat


As a trailer for the second part of our interview with Kate Hamer, she reads a second excerpt from her Costa-nominated debut The Girl in the Red Coat.

Episode 33 - Kate Hamer reads Chapter 1 of The Girl in the Red Coat


As a trailer for my two part interview with Kate Hamer, author of the Costa-nominated debut The Girl in the Red Coat, she reads from the opening chapter.

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